Missionaries, you can raise more support & get fully funded.

Fully Funded Academy is a monthly membership training program that gives you the clarity and confidence to launch, grow, and scale your financial support base. Fundraising requires structure. With a content library and masterclasses from Mary Valloni and Mike Kim, live monthly Q&A calls, and a thriving online community, you will discover new freedom and success in fundraising.

Questions? I’m a FFA affiliate and a Certified Fully Funded Coach – let’s talk!

Who is it for?
This is for you if you are a missionary or ministry leader tasked with raising personal support for your individual or family budget.

Need more personal attention?
Coaching for Nonprofit & Ministry Leaders

As a Fully Funded Certified Coach, I’ll walk you through the journey of implementing the FFA framework so you can raise the support you need. With my individual (or couples) laser coaching program, I’ll help you stay on track with implementation of the Fully Funded framework. After all, even the best plans fail if we don’t put them in action!

Who is this for?
Nonprofit /Ministry Leaders, & Missionaries raising support. Because of the individual nature of this option, we can customize the coaching process to fit your situation. This is especially helpful if you raise funds for your organization, or for the organization in addition to your personal support.

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